We Love Quiz

About us

We Love Quiz is a mobile app studio based in São Paulo, Brazil. The company focuses on developing and publishing independent titles for the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Most games are trivia-type, covering various topics such as music, entertainment, sports, among others.

The studio is famous for its short development cycle, pushing games to the app stores in less than 10 working days. Despite the tight time invested in each title, We Love Quiz is able to develop high quality games and achieve notable success. The most popular titles released up to date are "Song Quiz", "Soccer Quiz" and "Movie Quiz". Together they boast 3 million downloads and user ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5.

The company recently made its move to multiplayer games, absorbing new talents to handle the server-side challenges. “Song Battle” is the first breed from this new generation of apps, allowing players to compete against each other. The team is very happy with the results and committed to rollout the multiplayer experience to the rest of the portfolio.